Waking Up at 23

Garden Lullaby, January 7, 2019

Maybe the best picture of 23.

It was the first official day of our Porch Garden (can ya tell by my face) & one of the first photos to document my true & full decision to EMBRACE life just as it was right where I stood.

I watched life burst from that corner as my soul followed suit. God gave me so much more this year than I could have imagined…opportunities to speak, counsel, publish a book, and host festive parties (with a full heart). The year 23 was bigger than I dreamed. And yes, it was hard & different…but it was also an honest delight for my soul…a waking up to life again.

Turns out that corners can turn into Porch Gardens and restless laments into bursting songs.

BIG. . .That Was 26

I’ll Remember You For. . .(poem)

Hope Outlasts Holiday Spirit

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