A Frenzy of Garden & Pancake Pie (life these days)

The garden feels about to burst. And as I hold my 1-year-old daughter and walk on the raised stones to our home sweet home I hope I always remember the sweet feeling of— Green Fables this week🌼💓 Ben coming home, the days getting longer, surprise coffee waiting in the fridge, floral postage stamps, and all… Continue reading A Frenzy of Garden & Pancake Pie (life these days)

Rocking Chair & I

Last March, I held our spring in my arms for the first time. Just days before we had planted the wildflowers and zinnias. A week or so after the spring birthday of Spring itself, we planted our sunflower seeds almost like colorful sprinkles in a flurry over a kid's classic birthday cake. There was no… Continue reading Rocking Chair & I

Nursery Rhymes for Mothers & Sons

Before the chaos of those last 15-20 minutes before dinner, he's wearing a doctor hat and checking my temperature or heartbeat. It's pretty interchangeable at this point in his medical career. He makes the heartbeat sound by clucking and asks if I'm okay. Mothers know we probably aren't okay. Not with our whole hearts walking… Continue reading Nursery Rhymes for Mothers & Sons

Sunflowers, Summer Son

Our first sunflower of the season bloomed in the second week of July. I love sunflowers. They remind me of the summer I was pregnant with my son. That first time experiencing all the emotions that come with the final weeks of pregnancy, the excitement, the unknown, and the natural way your mind just starts… Continue reading Sunflowers, Summer Son