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By the Third Month {Concerning Engagement}

IMG_0141Let’s just get a few things straight…..

By the third month, you start to not care about the bridesmaid dresses or the wedding dress or if the pictures are even going to turn out.

By the third month, you just want to get married. You’ve got the dress, the place, the preacher, the MAN. I mean snatch that marriage license right up & get on hitched. Seriously.

By the third month, those creative wedding details start to blend into everyday life….or maybe just buried beneath the grading of papers, the busy school life, the everyday responsibilities like you know….getting up on time and going to bed not too late. Yup, the creativity just gets smashed and chopped up. Ohhhh look….there it goes.

By the third month, you realize you have not been on Pinterest for “oh my goodness like 3 weeks!” What about your hair for the wedding?! Your makeup?! Another day, honey. Skip that Pinterest & go right to sleep or work on the other half of your life that needs tending too.

By the third month, you have to actually find where you stored the wedding part of your brain. Someone asks you something about the wedding cake or something and you’re like “Ummm…uh…uh…let me find where I stored that. Haven’t thought about it in awhile.” You know it’s almost time to get married when you have to search for details about the wedding you are planning for!

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