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Life Update + House Tour! | 08.16

August has been a month to remember! Although, I can’t remember most of it, honestly. 🙂 The summer camp season ended in the first week of August and Ben and I felt just a tad disoriented as we moseyed about on our first few days of vacation!

end of the summer camp fun! even though it’s blurry, he still makes a handsome old man!
new life-long friends!
new life-long friends!

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Love, Marriage & Kindness

I found a crinkled up note to Ben the other week and the quick thoughts jotted down prompted me to action. Again. Oh how easy it is to do what is right, then fall into laziness. To rise up in action, then fall back in defeat!

My note to Ben said this—

“Ben, we can’t just aspire to love each other. We can’t forsake selfishness–yet do nothing. If we forsake, we must cleave! If we turn from, we must turn to. I can’t just avoid hurting you—I must actively pursue your heart above my own. 


The note was written because of Psalms 34:14 which says “Turn away from evil and do good; seek peach and pursue it.”  And so I sat there, thinking through things once again—

I can’t just turn away from being selfish, I must also turn to selflessness. I can’t just refuse to say something hurtful, I must also choose to say something encouraging. I can’t just choose not to be spiteful, I must also choose to be kind. I can’t just run away from what is wrong, I must also DO what is right. Continue reading “Love, Marriage & Kindness”

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Life Update!! | 07.16

Let’s start with the sad news. My absolute favorite goldfish DIED! Not just died, but I do believe he got eaten. As the story goes, my husband and his friend caught perch in the creek. They were so proud of themselves. They put the perch in the fish tank. Ever so slowly, our little fish were missing until one day the perch dared to eat my favorite goldfish. Oh I was so mad!

photo courtesy of the same friend who helped Ben catch the perch. HA!
photo courtesy of the same friend who helped Ben catch the perch. HA!

We had that goldfish for almost a year and that goldfish survived a move to a new house! This goldfish had fortitude and it was my favorite little guy. I responded worse to that goldfish dying than a 4 year old does when he finds his goldfish floating on top of the water. Well, I’m almost over the sadness and I’m starting to like the perch. STARTING.  So anyway. 🙂 Now for the happy news! Continue reading “Life Update!! | 07.16”

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I Got Married & Gave Up These

People tell you all sorts of things about marriage. Consequently, most of the stuff they say is unhelpful, irrelevant, or pessimistic. I remember there being a point in which I just closed all the marriage books and decided that I was going to learn about marriage without one thousand voices telling me this, that, and the other.


Granted, there is good advice out there and wise people that are worth your time! However, there are some things I’ve just learned to disregard, because I would be overwhelmed if I listened to every book and blog that tells me what to do, how to feel, what the issue is, how I should respond, what he is thinking…ect & so forth.

So here are a few things I gave up in order for my marriage to grow and strengthen.

1. I gave up trying to fit into the expectations others had for our engagement & wedding day. Continue reading “I Got Married & Gave Up These”