Short Stories

She Asked Where Did the Time Go

She asked, Where did the time go? So I took her to the prettiest house on the block. I opened the door and I told her to go before me. We found time in the small living room with worn blue recliners and an ugly brown couch. We saw time in the conversations that could only be heard in memories.

We saw time sitting in the six chairs that surrounded the dining table. We saw time in a marriage that was faithful and sure. We saw time in a Christmas tree that was put up and taken down so many years that we still can’t remember every Christmas holiday lived. We just know they all happened.

She asked, Where did the time go? So I took her down the hallway where there were childhood dreams and a bedroom both covered in tears and laughter. I took her to the bathroom where time became hard-working responsibility. I took her to the closets, the desks, the drawers, the coffee table, the kitchen, the laundry room, and every little corner had time stuffed in between. Time that couldn’t be touched, but somehow it could still touch us. Continue reading “She Asked Where Did the Time Go”

Life & Learning

5 Ways to Better Enjoy Social Media

Raise your hand if you’ve been told on social media to go outside. Raise your hand if you’ve been told (on social media no less!) to  put down your phone and make real-life conversations.


Who else is getting tired of this recycled advice? Because we get it! We hear you. We agree. We’re working on it. But hey, what about the things we can do to actively improve our interactions on social media? Shouldn’t we talk about those too?

I should say so!

I came up with 5 simple things. There’s more, I’m sure. And I’d love to hear your tips in the comments, but for now 5 things that just might make your social media experience better!
Continue reading “5 Ways to Better Enjoy Social Media”

Marriage Chronicles

Love, Marriage & Kindness

I found a crinkled up note to Ben the other week and the quick thoughts jotted down prompted me to action. Again. Oh how easy it is to do what is right, then fall into laziness. To rise up in action, then fall back in defeat!

My note to Ben said this—

“Ben, we can’t just aspire to love each other. We can’t forsake selfishness–yet do nothing. If we forsake, we must cleave! If we turn from, we must turn to. I can’t just avoid hurting you—I must actively pursue your heart above my own. 


The note was written because of Psalms 34:14 which says “Turn away from evil and do good; seek peach and pursue it.”  And so I sat there, thinking through things once again—

I can’t just turn away from being selfish, I must also turn to selflessness. I can’t just refuse to say something hurtful, I must also choose to say something encouraging. I can’t just choose not to be spiteful, I must also choose to be kind. I can’t just run away from what is wrong, I must also DO what is right. Continue reading “Love, Marriage & Kindness”

Life & Learning

Hannah the Bride

What a whirlwind few days it has been! You know you are having a good time when you don’t have an photos to show for it! The first 24+ hours of the wedding celebration was non-stop conversation, laid-back reception prep, numerous jokes, conversations with new & old friends and an overwhelming sense of excitement and joy for what was to come.


The day before the wedding, Hannah finally saw the beautiful decor for herself. We finally had the ceremony rehearsal. We all made it down the stairs in one piece, and oohed and ahhed over the perfect selection of Mrs. Darcy for the wedding party’s walk down the aisle. I could see my sister’s joy even as my own built in momentum.

HJ5Everything was just perfect for her, the excitement tangible, and the memories effortlessly made. After the rehearsal, we had pizza, the greasy kind! We talked, laughed, revisited old times, made new ones and built those relationship bridges that can sometimes only be built during the wedding process.

She went to bed early and left Cheyenne and I to brave the iced coffee making for the reception! After some trial and error, I think it turned out pretty well! Continue reading “Hannah the Bride”