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Dear 20

new lungs

You came in a rush, chasing any sort of gloominess away. With the promise of marriage to Ben and a beautiful ring on my finger, you welcomed me with love.

And the hectic sort of happiness that comes with being engaged. There were plans to be made and people to ask, things to organize, and tears to cry. There was the white dress to buy and the decor to choose from. There were bridal magazines to rifle through, and my stick figure rough sketch of how the wedding was to look.

But despite all the wedding day plans, there was other life to live.

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Short Stories

It’s Not Yours to Know

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor quite some time, I have been enamored by the stories of others. Despite the conscious of my heart, my curiosity grew. My thirst for knowledge of others expanded until I could think no more about anything else. Only that I must know the stories of others. I must know them and spread them to others. I took the path that some call Destruction. But this was the only way to get to these stories. I had to take these turns, talk to these people. I had to spread these rumors. The path looked harmless, of course. It looked like daily life. And so I took this road, despite the phrase that knocked on my heart every hour that I traveled. “It’s not yours to know”, became my relentless enemy that tried to stop my endeavors for frivolous knowledge.

It’s not yours to know.

“It’s not yours to know.”

The phrase knocked more diligently, but to no avail. I walked a little farther down the road to catch a glimpse of the the swirling tornado. I’d always wanted to view these tornadoes without the consequences of its destruction. I have several friends that somehow manage this feat. They stand so close, know all about it, and walk away without a singe. Yet the curiosity of it all is the trail of black tar my friends leave in their wake.  Continue reading “It’s Not Yours to Know”