Life Update!! | 07.16

Let’s start with the sad news. My absolute favorite goldfish DIED! Not just died, but I do believe he got eaten. As the story goes, my husband and his friend caught perch in the creek. They were so proud of themselves. They put the perch in the fish tank. Ever so slowly, our little fish were missing until one day the perch dared to eat my favorite goldfish. Oh I was so mad!

photo courtesy of the same friend who helped Ben catch the perch. HA!
photo courtesy of the same friend who helped Ben catch the perch. HA!

We had that goldfish for almost a year and that goldfish survived a move to a new house! This goldfish had fortitude and it was my favorite little guy. I responded worse to that goldfish dying than a 4 year old does when he finds his goldfish floating on top of the water. Well, I’m almost over the sadness and I’m starting to like the perch. STARTING.  So anyway. 🙂 Now for the happy news!

I got to host my first 4th of July party. It was more like a calm come-over-and-eat-some-grilled meat party 🙂 It was fun! The 4th even included an impromptu trip into town for jello so we could make a special creation (a very important tradition to my friend Emily). We indulged in Starbucks caramel iced coffees and lazy blackberry picking. It was a wonderful, lazy 4th of July. Even our dogs had fun together. 🙂


After the 4th of July, life felt pretty normal and routine. It’s so nice to say that! Ben and I went to work, relaxed, made slow improvements on the house, tried new coffee, and continued to take weekend walks.

also, the boys are getting pretty tired of my picture-taking habits. 🙂

I finished another practical series for Leading Young Women to Hope, and I sent out our first monthly update as missionaries! The summer is almost over and the blackberries are as ripe as ever! I came home to a bowl of fresh-picked blackberries from a neighbor/co-worker. It’s the little things that become the biggest gifts. It’s been so much fun to grow our friendship this summer.

picking blackberries is an adventure! It feels like summer & looks like fall!


I’ve been experimenting with iced coffee recipes in the kitchen and I almost have one down perfectly! I may not be cooking as much this summer (we eat our meals at the camp dining room), BUT that doesn’t stop me from puttering around in the kitchen. By the way, it’s so nice to have a completely working kitchen!


Around mid-July, Ben and I decided to host a Christmas in July party for the summer staff. We felt like our home was settled in enough to start having people over. Granted, we still have stacks of books and some piles lying around, but we are finally ready to have people in and out of our home! It feels wonderful to open up our home for others.


We had crock-pot hot cocoa (a big win!) with marshmallows, sodas, red & green Twizzlers, skittle stew, and host of other snacks. We played games, worked on a gingerbread house, and watched the greatest Christmas movie of all time…Arthur Christmas! We set up our TV outside and all sat on lawn chairs and blankets. It was such fun!

To be honest,  July was a wonderful month. It was full of routine, and yet full of fun memories. In spite of the busy, nonstop movement of summer, I feel like Ben and I were able to take some big, deep breaths as we settled into this new (yet somehow old) life.

our lovely view from the porch. I think the hammock is in the best spot ever. Don’t you?

As I’ve taken the beginning steps of August, I already know there are going to be many lessons for me here. I pray that I stay open, teachable, and ready to change, to humble myself, to grow into a better woman.

The camp summer season officially ends this Saturday morning, and then it’s vacation! My sister gets married next week to the most perfect man for her! I have much to say, but will save it for later. Amid the wedding celebrations and preparation, we’ll be fitting in time with Ben’s side of the family, as well as much needed rest and down time.


The best part about this upcoming trip to my old childhood home, is that I will get to come back to my grown-up home. This home, the home I’ve built with Ben. The one we string with white lights and the place we’ve begun to create long-lasting memories. God has given us so much! More than I deserve. More than enough!


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