Marriage Chronicles

Marry Your Best Friend

Marry your best friend. You’ll laugh until you cry. You’ll cry until you laugh. You’ll be quiet in the day. Then, you’ll talk till 1 am.

Marry your best friend. You can ask the hard life things. And then hear just the truth. You can open up the darkest fear. And you’ll both define I do.

Marry your best friend. There’s no shame in who you are. Revealing more and more of you.  Adding a third half to your heart.

Favorite Wedding Pictures1.jpg

Marry your best friend. You’ll argue, then resolve. You’ll become each other in the weirdest ways. And the words I do evolve.

Marry your best friend. It will take your breath away. It will sometimes be a routinely lull. But you’d never want a change.

Marry your best friend. You have a world your own. Safe to work out insecurity. Safe to make jokes of immaturity.

Marry your best friend. Every day is a mystery. Choosing love is deeper—and feeling love is wonder as it weaves into your history.

Fedorko Adventures3.jpg

Marry your best friend. Holding hands erase the tension. Small moments become celebration.

Marry your best friend. It’s better than they said. Memories are treasured as your hearts get worn and weathered.

Marry your best friend. You’ll grow up as you go. I do is a discovery. And it’s a love commitment too.

Fedorko Adventures2.jpg

Marry your best friend. What kind of hardness do you choose–giving up or staying true? I choose true.

I choose you.


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