Morro Bay & Monday

You should never have expectations for any part of love. You simply choose to love over and over and over again.The moments mixed in with love are both ordinary and extraordinary.You hold tight to them both, because they both matter so much. And when you love someone you create a life together, you don’t live up to a life of expectations.

Two years ago, my incredible siblings and Ben planned an intricate surprise for me. Long distance was hard, so when I saw him….well, I’ll let the photos tell the story.

morrocollage2HAPPYamazingsiblingsMorroBay2MorroBay1My special engagement to Ben wasn’t a huge shebang that ended with confetti from the sky. Our wedding–lovely and memorable–was simple and straightforward.

But Morro Bay? That was big and unexpected. There might have even been confetti from the sky! It was a day I’ll never forget and one I don’t expect again!

But that’s love, you see. It’s ordinary and extraordinary. It’s full and it’s routine. It’s breathless and it’s labored. It’s wonderful and it’s hard. It’s real and it’s magical. Sometimes, the moments you think will be big are small and suddenly…the small moments become so much bigger.

SURPRISE2I’ve learned to rip out my expectations and instead enjoy each day— cherished, full, ordinary, unremarkable, breathtaking.

Life will happen in its own wonder and its own ordinary. And you know?

Morro Bay is just as important as Monday, after all.


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PS: Thank you Hannah for sacrificing so much time & energy to give me a wonderful, surprising day with Ben! Thank you Bodie and Cheyenne for using your day to make me feel loved, for keeping Ben company on the long drive, and for caring for me so well. Thank you, Ben for being my life partner and for loving me in both big & small ways.

You all gave me a day I will never forget!

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