Life Spreads Out

Garden Lullaby, September 10, 2019 Golden hour between summer and fall is to die for. This shot captures almost all the small spaces of my Porch Garden. Here you see life spread out farther than one photo can contain. And I love that. All these small flower pots get fuller. . .all these fledgling beginnings… Continue reading Life Spreads Out

The Power of Being

Garden Lullaby, August 23, 2019 The power of being. That's what I am taught in the quiet. The profound joy of being a person. Of discovering new things. Of stepping outside this self-made box. Of not needing to be an expert or a hero to do brave things. And letting beautiful moments come and go… Continue reading The Power of Being

Ask Yourself This Revolutionary Question

Garden Lullaby, June 28, 2019 Summers in the Porch Garden are magical. I've found a new spot to sit in my garden cushioned by two outside pillows. The afternoon sun hits the garden leaves just right and I'm suddenly invited to a quiet, beautiful world. To anyone else, it looks small and unexciting, but it… Continue reading Ask Yourself This Revolutionary Question

I Am Living Proof

Garden Lullaby, May 31, 2019 Me and Little (BIG) Mav on the eve before he turned one week old.😂 During our kidding season, I realized what a gift God has handed to me these last few years. These years have looked + felt so opposite of what I imagined for myself. But here I am.… Continue reading I Am Living Proof