The Power of Being

Garden Lullaby, August 23, 2019 The power of being.
That’s what I am taught in the quiet. The profound joy of being a person. Of discovering new things. Of stepping outside this self-made box. Of not needing to be an expert or a hero to do brave things. And letting beautiful moments come and go without fanfare. On Tuesday, I shared the goodness of keeping a track record on social media and I stand by that. But equally important is letting life be life, taking it in just as it is, soaking it up, and letting it pass. The power of being is realizing big life isn’t tied to the big successes, the big moments, the big dreams and goals. Life just is. . .and the grandness of it is in the gift. How gentle and golden these small moments are. . . lacking in fanfare yet holding the intentionally of God’s blessings, His big delight for us. . .for our lives.

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