Our First Home

As many of you know, Ben and I have undertaken the awesome (exhausting) privilege of making a run-down place into our first home. When we walked through the trailer several weeks ago, we saw the possibilities and the potential. Even through all the ugly brown and the signs of age, we knew we could make this little trailer into our comfy first home.

And let me tell ya, there is a difference between pinning like a mad woman on Pinterest and actually doing what you’ve pinned.20150620_162731

But that’s a side note. Anyway…..

We used some new paint, but we picked many of our colors according to the left-over paint that his dad had lying around. We opened some of the paint cans and apologized to our noses! And then we opened some other cans and said, “This will work on such and such wall! What a good color! And it’s free.” Or something along those lines.

So we went to work, painting, re-painting, and re-re-painting. And it was worth it! My husband has an eye for re-purposing old things & making them like new. For example, he made an old rake head into a towel rack. He stained an old drawer and made it into a shelf & used a narrow crate for a side table in our living room. He’s got creativity coming out of his eyeballs. SEE, LOOK!!


I’ve undertaken the great joy of rearranging all of our little knickknacks and finding a home for all of those kitchen utensils we received as wedding gifts. What a joy it has been!

So without further ado, come inside for a house tour and I’ll show you around. But we will keep the office door shut, because that is currently a disorganized mess and will be a tour for another day.  Oh, and we will also stay out of the bathroom and the bedroom, because those are still works in progress. Anyway…..

Welcome to the first tour or our little home!

When you come inside, I won’t ask you to take off your shoes in our house. This little box would have no room! And all dirty shoes our welcome here, but I couldn’t resist using this little box for our shoes as we walk in the door.

shoe box

Come take a nice, long look at our little kitchen. It’s stuffed with tea for all different occasions. You’re welcome to a cup anytime.The mugs are easy to find.

full kitchen
Or if you’d rather a cup of coffee, we have plenty of that too! And no worries, I have a bigger coffee pot for when company comes over. Even a french press, if you so prefer!

coffee and tea

kitchen untensils

Once I get used to the oven, I’ll have chocolate chip cookies on hand for whomever stops by.

kitchen corner

Just take a seat in one of these old chairs and I will get that cup of coffee and two chocolate chip cookies just for you.

rustic chair

You may be more comfortable in the living room which is completely understandable. I don’t mind food in the living room. Spill your coffee and drop those cookie crumbs. It’s my company that matters, not the room.


The cooler is till a work in progress! Oh and don’t worry about that precarious light fixture. We are hoping to change it soon! No doubt, it will be figured out before you come over. So you can just relax in that nice comfy chair!


I’m rather a book lover of Shakespeare and Ben-Hur, but I can put out lighter reading material, if you’d like. I have titles such as “Me Without You” and “The Day the Crayons Quit.” Let me know ahead of time if I should switch the reading material on the coffee table.


You must wonder about that square of light on the coffee table, that’s just our skylight. Quite fun if you ask me, though it needs a good clean. I’ll get around to that before you come!


I’m sorry about the Windex hanging out over there on the kitchen counter, there’s still much cleaning to be done! Just direct your eyes over to this neat sign that Ben’s sister, Analene, made for us. Family members often give the best gifts.


I know you’re worried, but don’t! The birds are fake. I promise. One day we might get a puppy, maybe even some fish. But NEVER real birds.


No home would be complete without constant reminders of who God is & what He has done in our lives. El Roi. El Roi.

El Roi

As I’ve given you this virtual tour, I relish in God’s provision. It is wonderful to walk around in our first home. It is wonderful to be surrounded by gifts from others and blessings from God. The couches were given by Ben’s aunt. The kitchen table belonged to his parents when they first married. The kitchen is filled with gifts from so many people who care about Ben and me. Our whole house is filled to the full with people’s love for us. And that makes it so lovely.

I sit here in our little dwelling with genuine joy. Thankfulness overflowing and digging deeper inside my heart. I couldn’t ask for more and I know why.  It happened in God’s time, not mine. It is beautiful because it belongs to Him.

For pictures of our wedding, click here.

8 thoughts on “Our First Home”

  1. Sierra (and Ben too)~ Thank you SO much for sharing pictures of your home and project! I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I cried all the way through. I am so impressed – really – I cannot believe that is… well, let’s just say I know what the before pictures looked like 😉 Ben I
    would sure like to see the bathroom when your towel hanger is up. I love it! (Can you come fix up some of my needy rooms?)
    Sierra, every little detail is lovely. Your kitchen table I have to tell you, I remember eating at in the upstairs kitchen where Mom lovingly chose green and yellow lenolium with daisies on it for the floor, and hung green calico curtains. I must have been less than six years old.
    My favorite memories though, were created when AJ and I dug it out of “the garage” for our first tiny home on Salem Street. We had to pass it back when our family outgrew it and our then-current home was too tiny to keep it just for fun. I’m so delighted that it is adding to its life story in a place where so much love and dreaming will happen! What chapters that table could tell… it’s had a happy life 🙂

    You guys, I’ve been thinking of you often and wanting to call just to see how the project has been going. It was a privilege to be present for your wedding. Thank you for sharing a some of yourselves and your time with me while I was there.
    I really look forward to knowing you each and together.

    I love ya lots!


    1. Your comment made me smile! I’m thrilled to be using the kitchen table again. It has a lot of memories and could be a great narrator for young love! It’s a joy to be here & we are so thankful to God for this time! Thank you, Analene for your comments that are always so kind & encouraging.


  2. Your little home looks so cozy and peaceful!!! May the Lord bless your home with wonderful memories and lessons. Thanks for posting!


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