My Mom Didn’t Need Pinterest to Be Awesome

My husband and I have spent all week working on our home. We are trying to move in next week (happy dance). But as we have been painting and re-painting and re-re-painting, I got to thinking of my childhood rooms growing up. And how my mom spent all day stenciling our room in flowers and butterflies. My sisters and I played outside all day then came back to a room full of pink, purple, yellow, and green butterflies and flowers. It only took her a day. And it was ingenious.

She didn’t need Pinterest to do it. She already had awesome ideas and the dedication to accomplish it. She could DIY before the pins were popular. She will tell you that she can’t do crafts to save her life, but don’t believe her. That stenciled room was a delight to her three daughters!

She also showed us how to make paper dolls out of magazines. Super fun, easy, cheap, MESSY, so creative, and done with out Pinterest.

My mom made us popsicles from ice trays. Also done without Pinterest.

She made the best chocolate chip cookies and no they didn’t come from a “SUPER Easy 3-Step” pin.

And my mom’s chili is the B-O-M-B. She has her own special way that just might go viral on Pinterest if she decided to pin it! But she won’t, because she doesn’t think it’s all that awesome (it is).

She also coined the term “Cleaning Party” to get us kids excited about doing chores. I’m not so sure that pin would go quite so viral…but it was creative nonetheless.

She showed us how to make a boat for our Barbies out of 2-liter soda bottles…This was a favorite.

Also, she’s pretty and that’s just a bonus to already being awesome.

She kindly allowed the liberal use of toilet paper for whenever the Barbies decided on a whim to get married. You need an aisle runner, you know? And I don’t see that idea floating around Pinterest.

She let us use shoe boxes for our Fashion Polly houses and encouraged full use of our creativity to expand the Polly world. Pinterest wasn’t even needed for that. Uh-huh, my mom had it all covered.

3 generations!

She threw the best Valentines Day parties without the endless DIY’s that flood the pinning boards in the month of February.

My mom didn’t need Pinterest to be a good mom. She already was.

And you don’t need a long blog post to get my drift, it’s pretty simple.

My mom was awesome before Pinterest, and she still is!

Happy Mother’s Day to the Mom who raised me & the woman who raised her! They are kind. They are strong. They are loving.

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4 thoughts on “My Mom Didn’t Need Pinterest to Be Awesome”

  1. What a lovely sweet daughter you are. Your Mom is so lucky to have you! She sounds incredible! Yes, we don’t need Pinterest to be super moms and sometimes, it makes us feel worse when we don’t measure up. But thank God for Pinterest when it comes to moms who don’t have a clue what to do and suddenly have all the ideas in the world!! 🙂

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    1. Yes, I use Pinterest myself! And thank goodness. I’m just married and my cooking skills are very low! Pinterest definitely helps! Though, I can make the non-Pinterest recipe of my Mom’s cookies! 🙂 I am sure you would be a great mom with or without Pinterest! 🙂

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