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Celebrating ONE Year of A Pygmy’s Life for Me!

Today’s marks one year of A Pygmy’s Life for Me being in the world! I’ve loved giving adults and kids a place on the shelf. A Pygmy’s Life for Me has spoken straight to the hearts of those who have or who are struggling with the label of “good,” but it’s also been a fun and comforting read to those who are just walking their way through life.

The broken darkness of this world holds no respect for Christian kids in good homes. And we’ve got to get that in our heads! A “good” kid’s battle-torn heart, inward mind games, and difficulties are nuanced in ways that fly underneath the radar all the time. No one is exempt from the broken darkness of life on earth. THANKFULLY GOD IS GREATER! And we have answers to questions like: Continue reading “Celebrating ONE Year of A Pygmy’s Life for Me!”

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A Beautiful Word to Describe You

Here you sit in another day of the same valley. Another day of the same sorrow. Another day of the same unknown. Another day of the same frustrations, the same struggles, the same life. Another day of the same everything.

We are always saying that life moves so fast. And we are absolutely right. But matters of the heart and soul? Well, those move slowly…at a snail’s pace, really. Like an old Ford truck that starts up rough and breaks down at every new turn…over and over and over again.

I mean, is anything changing? Am I growing at all? It’s a new month in a whole different year, but I’m still sitting in the same mess! But there’s something I’ve truly learned in 2018, and it makes way for celebration.

Simply put,

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You Are Not the Forgotten Woman

I know you, because I am just like you. And I don’t care how different your life looks from mine or the diversity of our valleys. You are me. And I am you. In so many ways.

These words are for you.It’s like the darkest place you’ve ever been, right? Like you could suffocate or be crushed in an instant. It’s like you’re walking in a hard place next to people who are rubbing salt in your wounds. Like the cold, impersonal floor knows your tears better than anyone else. It’s like questions that grab you and shake you and say, is God actually good? It’s like sitting in church and being unable to sing. Like you’re surrounded by fear on every side.

So yes, we know each other.

And I need you to hear this.

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Today, I Am Called to Live

I have probably had the best spring of my life this year….not because life was easy, but because life was lived. When you walk in something hard, you forget how to breathe. When your heart is learning to die so that it can truly live, you can feel so discouraged. When the deep parts of your life are drastically changing, you actually just feel really stuck.

But there will be a moment (followed by a hundred more) in which you will come up for air and find that you don’t have to suffocate anymore. You don’t have to be held hostage by your feelings. You don’t have to be afraid of different. Because different than you had planned is exactly what God has designed full of purpose. The end of yourself is the best place to begin and the beginning of the best.

I believe that.

I have known it.

I am living it.

God wants more than survival for us, He wants satisfaction for us. And God knows (oh, how He knows!) that the only satisfaction for our souls is Himself.

And so-

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