Our Vocabulary Matters

I heard one of my favorite quotes from Lara Casey. It was simply, "How you spend your time is how you spend your life." How very true! I'd also venture to say how you speak is how you'll spend your life. Your words carry weight, become your thoughts, construct your personal rhetoric, and turn into… Continue reading Our Vocabulary Matters

Dear Broken Woman

Dear battered, bruised and broken woman, This is your place, and I know that hurts to hear. You may feel stuck, left behind, and extremely alone. I know I have. This is a hard and thorny valley. And the end isn't in sight. All your friends may be getting married, having babies, and reaching milestones… Continue reading Dear Broken Woman

Are You a Christian Kid Afraid of Ministry?

I don't appreciate when adults in ministry proclaim, "You better not say that you'll never go into full-time ministry, because that's exactly where God will send you! It happened to me!!'" They say it as though they have been forced, coerced, or demanded to be in full-time ministry. It's really damaging for a kid in… Continue reading Are You a Christian Kid Afraid of Ministry?