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May | A Personal Journey through 2019

I’m so behind in sharing my month-by-month calendar for 2019. Tracking the small, good, lovely things has made such a difference in how I approach life at the end of the day. When you’re worn out, exhausted, or struggling. . .it’s so easy to look back on a day and say, “Oh, there goes another one. Same hard, tiring life.” But when you begin searching for the good things, soon you will be able to see without searching so hard! Your heart will slowly begin bending toward happiness and thanksgiving. It’s not perfect. It’s not giddy. But it is profound.

I’ll admit, writing day by day in 2020 has been hit or miss. I usually miss a handful of days and then have to backtrack and remember, but I still take the time to write life down! The best part is the calendar doesn’t have to read pretty to be absolutely beautiful. That’s what I love about this exercise! I’m tracking life. I’m going notice the little lovely things. I’m going to remember it, good or hard.

So, here’s May 2019.

01: Party Bird still partying πŸ˜€ baby goats climbing all over our laps ❀

02: iced coffee with goats milk. . .good πŸ™‚

03: Pizza Date and best baby goat bottle feed yet. . .:)

04: beautiful day! goats, flowers, cleaning, Ben ❀

05: Chester (baby boy goat) just LOVES jumping in my arms πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

06: good talk with Dad. . .and then a podcast happened πŸ˜€

07: love the passion + work + season God has given me

08: Chester is the most cuddly goat ever!

09: Oh Chester-Win πŸ™‚ | E makes me laugh | new flowers from Ben<3

10: i love Ben. . .he makes work + life so much better

11: porch garden, rest, podcast, and the Psalms

12: a wonderful text from C

13: a day full of life and friends

14: a very sweet note from E

15: terrible sick day, but Ben brought the most beautiful wildflower bouquet to me. . .+ Chester πŸ™‚

16: L’s party ❀

17: VACAY! Psalm 131


19: 1st snapdragon is blooming & so pretty!

20: a little bit of sunshine πŸ™‚

21: Rest

22: Little (BIG) Mav born in field!

23: 4th Anniversary ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

24: exploring with Little Mav

25: C + M + C πŸ™‚ ❀

26: the comfort of Ben being my family

27: God’s grace!

28: 1st day with J! such deep & good talks already

29: making C smile a LOT

30: evening with C + M πŸ™‚

31: C LOVED the goat kids. . .and the grass πŸ˜€

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Our Vocabulary Matters

I heard one of my favorite quotes from Lara Casey. It was simply, “How you spend your time is how you spend your life.” How very true! I’d also venture to say how you speak is how you’ll spend your life.

Your words carry weight, become your thoughts, construct your personal rhetoric, and turn into your actions. Our vocabulary matters! So, what if we just started with our words?

Words for Women

Dear Broken Woman

Dear battered, bruised and broken woman,

This is your place, and I know that hurts to hear. You may feel stuck, left behind, and extremely alone. I know I have. This is a hard and thorny valley. And the end isn’t in sight. All your friends may be getting married, having babies, and reaching milestones you thought you’d have long passed by now.

This hard place feels like forever.

Do not despair.

The position you are in right now (single, barren, broken, or just plain fighting inadequacy) does not make you any less of a woman. You are not behind in life. Your loveliness is not based on your work, but in the wonderful work God is doing in you. You are a woman, full and beautiful, with or without a husband, a baby, or a “put-together” life. Continue reading “Dear Broken Woman”

Life & Learning

Are You a Christian Kid Afraid of Ministry?

I don’t appreciate when adults in ministry proclaim, “You better not say that you’ll never go into full-time ministry, because that’s exactly where God will send you! It happened to me!!'”

They say it as though they have been forced, coerced, or demanded to be in full-time ministry. It’s really damaging for a kid in the ministry to hear this kind of jibber jabber. It makes ministry sound so, so awful.


It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I didn’t need to be afraid of full-time ministry. And you don’t either! You don’t need to be afraid of doing the thing that you currently can’t imagine yourself doing.

Why? Continue reading “Are You a Christian Kid Afraid of Ministry?”