A New & Glorious Morn

The December skies leading up to Christmas Day were beautiful. My husband would text me to go look at the sky. Vibrant colors melting into each other. Breathtaking. Christmas Day was, perhaps, one of my most favorite Christmases I have ever experienced. I've been reading in John recently, and I found myself in John 10… Continue reading A New & Glorious Morn

A Place for Beginning

People walk into the holiday season holding the heaviness of a year. Grief and joy collide. They enter in feeling certain they may be swallowed whole. The days string long and tiresome. The burdens are heavy, cumbersome. They walk in the "out -of-place" world of singleness, marriage, divorce, infertility, unplanned pregnancy, motherhood. Each one brings… Continue reading A Place for Beginning

This Merry & Bright Christmas

I entered this Christmas holiday rather naively...AS IF I WOULD TAKE A LOT OF PHOTOS WHEN MY WHOLE FAMILY IS JUST CHILLING TOGETHER. Oh, excuse my yelling. I was just so busy catching up, drinking coffee, inhaling whip cream, laughing, joking, acting 15x more immature than usual, talking late at night, waiting for my brother… Continue reading This Merry & Bright Christmas