A New & Glorious Morn

The December skies leading up to Christmas Day were beautiful. My husband would text me to go look at the sky. Vibrant colors melting into each other. Breathtaking.

Christmas Day was, perhaps, one of my most favorite Christmases I have ever experienced. I’ve been reading in John recently, and I found myself in John 10 for Christmas. It was perfect. “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” What beautiful words! How true! I have tasted this truth and known it.

Ben and I had such fun exchanging gifts. There’s just something special about your fourth married Christmas and feeling more at home and loving these quiet family celebrations. Ben made eggs and bacon and we discovered that apple-wood bacon has the scent of Christmas. 

I caught up with my family in all their celebrations and I so enjoyed that. I fed the goats apple slices and listened to the flowing creek. It down-poured on Christmas Eve, and then the sun broke out with gusto on Christmas Day. I found that to be symbolic in the best way.

To celebrate Christmas Day and the birth of Jesus, I decided to pick all sorts of greenery for our home and listen to songs of heaven. It couldn’t have been more lovely! I walked through our small patch of woods, admired the sunlight on the leaves, picked all sorts of life, and prayed by the creek shouting with the sounds of rain which will become the flowers of spring.

I celebrated and became thanksgiving in that private moment between God and me. It was the most beautiful corner of Christmas Day. God gives good gifts. And I can say with meaning, thank You for this life and that I have it abundantly.

I listened to songs of heaven and filled my home with life to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I have been born into great hope, and my soul soaked in every bit of that joy. Whenever I’m home for Christmas, filling my vases and shelves with rich life will be my tradition. I already can’t wait for the next time!

Ben and I relaxed for the rest of the day. I sat by the tree and read a couple Christmas newsletters from friends and family. I then read a letter I had written to myself in the summertime.

Awhile back, I hosted a Christmas in July party for the Leadership Live girls. Near the end of the party, we wrote letters to ourselves to be opened on Christmas Day or New Years. I chose Christmas Day and I’m so glad I did. My past self knew what my future self would need to hear. So much joy! Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart!

Long ago, a new and glorious morn broke through the darkness and Jesus was born. The hopelessness of that darkness was obliterated by the birth of our Hope and Joy, Jesus. His birth led to miracles to crucifixion to resurrection to everlasting life.

And now, I wake up with life–soul-filling, unwavering, everlasting life with God. I walk into a new and glorious morn every day because of Jesus.  My satisfied soul boldly moves from the morning to the day to the night to the morning all over again because of Jesus!

I took Christmas Day away from social media, away from the noise, away from the clanging clatter of a thousand sounds, and I listened to the rain-filled creek, sure of spring, filled with gratitude. In this silence, I was able to celebrate loudly and to the fullest. I live boldly here on earth, and I anticipate heaven-home with God…all because of Jesus.

This is Christmas Day.

This is life with God!

A new and glorious morn!

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