Why I’m Still Writing about Infertility

"This is no thaw. This is spring. What are we to do? Your winter has been destroyed, I tell you! This is Aslan's doing." I have never read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series, but this year, I put them all on my reading list. I read one or two chapters a day. When I… Continue reading Why I’m Still Writing about Infertility

Those May Marigolds

Garden Lullaby, July 20, 2018 Honestly? Of all the flowers we bought that May weekend, these marigolds were my least favorite. They were a bit beat up. They were kinda just hanging on. They weren't that pretty. I was okay with getting them because they seemed like a neutral flower that would compliment the rest… Continue reading Those May Marigolds

The Days Before I Saw My First Positive Pregnancy Test

Quite a few Novembers ago, I remember sitting outside and trudging through the emotions that come with infertility. There was a storm brewing in the distance, but as I sat there I suddenly felt that it would be okay. . . even good. Not right then. Maybe not soon. But sometime. There was a a… Continue reading The Days Before I Saw My First Positive Pregnancy Test

Hope Gives a Eulogy is ON SALE!!

Yes, it's true! Originally $15, Hope Gives a Eulogy is only $10.19 for the holiday season! If you have PRIME, that's $10.19 flat and if you don't, just add it to your holiday shopping cart, because Hope Gives a Eulogy qualifies for FREE shipping on orders over $25! With Black Friday sales coming up, you'll… Continue reading Hope Gives a Eulogy is ON SALE!!