Those May Marigolds

Garden Lullaby, July 20, 2018

Honestly? Of all the flowers we bought that May weekend, these marigolds were my least favorite. They were a bit beat up. They were kinda just hanging on. They weren’t that pretty. I was okay with getting them because they seemed like a neutral flower that would compliment the rest of the prettier flowers.

Now? They are vibrant, healthy, and many! They are slowly spilling out of the flower pot. And I love these marigolds. I love how hard they fought to live. And I love that they burst with life over and over again! My opinion of them didn’t alter the outcome of their beauty.

You and me? We are marigolds too. Our opinion of this season doesn’t change the outcome of God’s beautiful purpose and plan. Our wilted hearts become vibrant beneath the shadow of His wings. Our soul can spill out in celebration, and our life is rich in His love and promise now.

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