When Wildflowers Aren’t Dead

Garden Lullaby, June 27, 2018

Ummm!!😍 I was just telling my husband that all the wildflowers were dead and the anticipation of blackberry season was the only thing that made that okay. Well, Ben came home with these wildflowers and the words, “And you thought all the wildflowers were dead!”

Isn’t that just like God to bloom crazy beautiful things in the midst of dry, dead summer?! I keep being surprised by God, and I keep being reminded that I don’t get the final say. God does. 💛 And He makes the most beautiful things…especially when I LEAST expect it! I didn’t even know wildflowers like this existed. Joy does come. God’s work is wonderful. His way is beauty! And life at the blue house has never looked better!

Thankful for a man who takes the time for wildflowers & his wife. Thankful for a God who uses tangible things to remind me of big joy.

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