Forget Not

Garden Lullaby, June 23, 2018

It’s been all about the goats over here, but look at this porch garden! The snapdragons are beginning to bloom again and the daisies found their magic spot. The mint is reaching for the skies (or at least the porch ceiling), and the avocados are getting ready to find a home in soil. Prettiest corner! 

This week was a little tiring for me in a few ways, but spending time with the goats and watering these plants forced me to nurture life even when life was feeling a little dry and hard. Every minute with the goats and with the flowers was (and is becoming) so rewarding. The goats come to me now and are sad when I leave. The daisies are reaching high and the tomatoes are getting ready to taste…even one of my snapdragons started to come alive again.

These are the beautiful (unnecessary) gifts poured into my life already overflowing with a crown of steadfast love given by God and the goodness and mercy of Him which follows me each day. I wake to these benefits every morning, and then Ieave the house to flowers and goats and loving coworkers and kids coming to summer camp.

This is my life which is not mine at all, but belongs to God. And this is exactly how God has planned and purposed it for me! What a thought full of freedom, full of life! Forget not all His benefits. My soul sings!

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Birth in Times Like These, poem

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