Could This Be Favor?

Garden Lullaby, June 11, 2018

Could this be favor?

It never felt like favor before, but I can sing in valleys. And I’m held together by more joy than sorrow. I’m learning to weave thanksgiving in and through the desert and the river. And I’m watching impossible places be split open by the love an mercy of God. I’ve never been more confident in my womanhood or more full of freedom in living it out.

So, has God done the impossible and shown me favor that began as pain? Hope that was born from heartache? Joy that came despite joyless places? Was it favor to take the old me and slowly help it die, so that the new me could sing the new songs with the beautiful verses, and the glorious melodies that burst forth from burdens instead of blessings?

Could this be favor?

My heart sings, I think so.

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