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Your Orders Are Shipping!

Friday was fun! Thank you for your orders.😍 I believe these words will be beautiful company + comfort to your spring. I’m so glad they are on their way. One has already arrived! Printed and received in England.❀

Spring has not always felt like spring for me (or you, I see you) and so these words getting to you right now is part of the art of HGaE. Because, yes there are flowers on the cover and God made spring in my soul and we go on that journey, but it’s a process. There are years spent in “Opposites.” And you need winter words for winter seasons when its spring outside. You need harsh poems without pretty bows or blooms. You need to read about how you feel when you feel numb.

Pain doesn’t get the final say, but it does say something. So we let it have a voice. Honesty exposes the reality of hope. And healing in God happens/is happening, but we don’t have to rush a single thing.

May the words in Hope Gives a Eulogy bring warmth to your winter and the hope of your coming spring. May these poems wait with you wherever you are.

Click here to order for yourself or gift to a friend.❀

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Hope Gives a Eulogy is OUT NOW!

IT’S OFFICIALLY HERE!! When I said Hope Gives a Eulogy would be out in April, I meant early April. Like today April! So here’s a little backstory that makes this release month so special. . .

I’d been suffering infertility a good while before April 2018, but that particular month was a tidal wave of pain and honestly. . .despair. But April 2018 was also the undeniable turning point toward my healing.

A year later in April 2019, a day after Easter, I watched our Margie give birth to two little goat kids. It was beautiful. Those baby goats came at just the perfect time. A deep gift from God.

In April 2020, I was pregnant with our son and Hope Gives a Eulogy was just an idea. At some point that spring, I remember talking to Ben about my idea in the goat pen. It’s not just my story to tell, and we both had to be 100% in. “What if I wrote about infertility through poetry that could be read like a story?” He thought it was a good idea.

Which brings us to April 2021. A handful of days after Easter, Hope Gives a Eulogy is published.πŸŽ‰πŸ§‘ My heart is between these pages, and HGaE voices the unseen stories so many of us have lived/are living.

I didn’t strategically plan for the timeline to work out this way. Healing isn’t linear. And neither is life. But I don’t think it’s an accident April is the beautiful beginning, middle, and finale. Even though we all KNOW God isn’t finished yet. There is more story to tell. More healing in Him to experience. More LIFE. But here we are in April again. . .and it’s a story worth telling and celebrating as it stands now.

Hope Gives a Eulogy can now be purchased on Amazon🧑 (get yours hereπŸŽ‰). So excited and READY to share these personal, hard, sorrowful, resilient, triumphant poems with you! As I tell my story, I hope you feel seen.

I am waiting with you.

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No Children, No Hesitation

The poem I wish I had when my arms were empty and my womb felt hollow. . .

The physical pain of infertility can be just as sharp as the emotional suffering. But somewhere along the way, I realized I could nurture life without children. I could live life as though it had already begun (because it had). I was already settled into purpose and value, full of life.

I am ready for you to read Hope Gives a Eulogy (!!) because there will be poems that will just embolden you to GO FOR LIFE as it is. Pain in stride. Empty arms or not.

Life is HERE.❀