Words for Women

Holidays on Broken Backs

Just a hint of jingle bells, the rest was rustling leaves. Just a smidge of holiday, the rest was preparation. Just a sprinkling of arguments for when Christmas music plays, but mostly welled-up hearts just waiting for the lights.

But in between this holiday, the noise we all know well, were women walking everywhere with burdens hard to bear. Hunched low with breaking backs, their Christmas trees dragged behind and little kids ran vibrant, free. Hunched low with breaking backs their Thanksgiving tables beautifully set for empty, childless homes. Hunched low with breaking backs the music plays aloud, but the loneliness beats louder. Continue reading “Holidays on Broken Backs”

Life & Learning

It’s OK to Break Down

There is this legend in society about the strong girl who smiles for everyone else, but is breaking inside. It’s adhered as the kind of girl you would want to be….strong for everyone else, broken inside, but so brave for living on.


This is downright ridiculous. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be the girl that is brave on the outside, but breaking on the inside. I don’t want to be the girl with fake smiles for the world and only tears leftover. I don’t want to be this legendary girl that is so strong that she’s breaking!

We’ve made hiding behind fake smiles a brave thing to do, but it’s actually not. It’s destructive, and it’s not worth it. It is not your job to be strong for everyone else. It is not your place to be the girl who never breaks down. Continue reading “It’s OK to Break Down”

Short Stories

She Called It Love

We toss the word love around like it’s cardboard, as though it’s something to be used up and discarded, then brought to life again.We love the coffee, and the dog, and the couch, and the food, and Friday. And somehow, we still manage to believe that we have given enough meaning to the word to say it to each other…. I love you.

But what is it really?


She walked to school alone. Every day. By herself. She waited for the walking signals and crossed the streets just like she always did. Her backpack slung over her shoulder, her untied shoe laces dancing around her feet. This girl blended into a crowd well. There was nothing amazing about her. Nothing eye-catching. She was just a girl living her life. Her pig tails flew out behind her as she ran across the playground at her elementary school.

The whole school knew that she wasn’t the popular one. In fact if we are honest, she was the one that everyone picked on. Her freckled face and round glasses made sure of that. She was extremely tall for her age and really didn’t fit in. Whatever “fitting in” really means.

I overhear her talking to her only friend. The only other misfit in the school which happened to be a little boy about half her height. His hair is really thin and slicked back with I don’t know how much gel. I sit under the slide and listen to their conversation. Continue reading “She Called It Love”