The First Imprint | 12.23.14

I listen to the rain, pitter-patter. I drink the eggnog. I see the stockings just bought for our very first Christmas. I sit by the lighted tree with those handmade ornaments and all the memories we have already made. Our first dog jumps into the chair with me, to squeeze in beside me.

And I think of moments long-gone. “Oh, it’s only a year ago,” I think to myself. But a year ago? That is long-gone. I can never get it back. I can never live it again. That’s what makes time sweet. That’s what makes it painful.


Before you proposed, you asked me where I wanted it to happen. And when I was a girl, I had dreamed of it taking place in the wide expanse of the desert. But the older I got,  and the more I knew you—the sooner my mind changed.

I didn’t want to make more memories at a home where I grew up. I wanted to make a permanent memory somewhere that you loved, somewhere that meant something to you. I wanted to go to your favorite place, a childhood adventure, a spot where I could make an imprint that would start our history together. Continue reading “The First Imprint | 12.23.14”

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A Picture’s Worth

Here’s the thing, I made sure that my guests knew they could take pictures at our wedding. I knew that some of them would be S C A R Y. And there were some scary ones taken!  One particular picture that I’ve seen makes me chuckle inside. I look nervous, my dress is crooked, and my overall appearance just screams discomfort. Which is laughable. Because I was a happy bride, thrilled to marry my best friend, and enjoying the ceremony without too many butterflies.  And I smile, because does it really matter that every picture be pristine and perfect? Not in my book.

I wanted the guests to take numerous pictures, because I wanted to see what they saw. I definitely had an official wedding photographer (there is great value in a professional!), but I wanted the pictures that my guests took during the wedding as well.  Continue reading “A Picture’s Worth”