Flowers Teach a Thousand Things

I was sitting in my garden when I wrote the first draft of this poem. If May is turning out to be a hard month or if you feel left out of so many good things or if you’re feeling stuck in a never-ending season, this poem is for you. Flowers teach a thousand things, but the one thing they teach over and over and over again is hope.

They are living proof of hope lived out. You don’t have to feel happy in order to hope. You don’t need to rush out of long, hard seasons to experience beautiful things. Perhaps this poem is the perfect picture of your messy life.



On Motherhood & Miscarriage

Last Sunday was Bereaved Mother’s Day. It’s not a fun day, but it is an important one. With this poem, I want to honor the mothers who have or are experiencing the worst kind of pain to be found in motherhood.

If you have endured the ache and grief of miscarriage, I would love to know the name of your baby.  Share with me in the comments if you feel able to. I sincerely hope these words give voice to the pain you have experienced. You matter.  Your baby matters. You both are seen.


The Celebrating Soul

Pain Is a Gateway Not a Gift

Pain is a gateway to the best joy & peace. . .God Himself.

It is not that hard & painful things are swept under the rug and dealt with superficially as we tack on Christianese and suck it up. It is moreso that we have no rug or superficial joy or adequate reasoning to turn to. . .so we CLING to the only One who satisfies, who can make sense of senselessness.

We run, fall, cry, and wrestle safely in the Refuge of God. We are upheld, unashamed, and understood. We find our true joy in God because we are finally unable to hide from or ignore the only One who so perfectly comforts, helps, and transforms.

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