On Motherhood & Miscarriage

Last Sunday was Bereaved Mother’s Day. It’s not a fun day, but it is an important one. With this poem, I want to honor the mothers who have or are experiencing the worst kind of pain to be found in motherhood.

If you have endured the ache and grief of miscarriage, I would love to know the name of your baby.ย  Share with me in the comments if you feel able to. I sincerely hope these words give voice to the pain you have experienced. You matter.ย  Your baby matters. You both are seen.


Let's Talk Marriage

The BEST Love Words from Young Wives

Fifteen women opened up their hearts for us this October. Fifteen women wrote about love and marriage, not to tell us how to do things, but to share their lives with us. And in the sharing, we found healing & hope in depression, arguments, the desire to give up, chronic illness, suicidal thoughts, ordinary life, self-discovery, infertility, miscarriage, and overwhelming brokenness.

Marriage is beautiful in all the ways the movies don’t talk about it, and it’s hard in all the ways social media will never fully portray. And it’s worth a treasure that can never be bought. It is, after all, a reflection of how God loves His church. We have this small inkling of what full, complete love is like, but until heaven-home we will never fully know it.

So we learn about love and we live in God’s grace, and we wake up to a journey harder and better than we ever could imagine. The journey is ordinary and lovely, and full of hard, unexpected, and beautiful life! As we usher in November, I wanted to post some of my favorite words shared this October, and give you the opportunity to read any of the stories that you may have missed (just click on any name). Continue reading “The BEST Love Words from Young Wives”