Even the Brightest Flower

what happens when you get thrown into nothing? spread out arms wide to no one? people move on, but not you. . . expanse of heartache, a cliff for a timeline, free fall of lost things, you by a thread. so, walk to the edge! but go down softly with hope, without breaking your bones.… Continue reading Even the Brightest Flower

For Young Mothers

people say so many things. . .like you're in a game you cannot win,like your life has all but ended.but maybe motherhood is a mosaic,a hard wrought, stained glass windowwhere tears and laughter collide,where wounds reopen in the workingand glisten if light filters through. I am cut, reshaped, pieced back. . .and I feel like… Continue reading For Young Mothers

Hope Gives a Eulogy is ON SALE!!

Yes, it's true! Originally $15, Hope Gives a Eulogy is only $10.19 for the holiday season! If you have PRIME, that's $10.19 flat and if you don't, just add it to your holiday shopping cart, because Hope Gives a Eulogy qualifies for FREE shipping on orders over $25! With Black Friday sales coming up, you'll… Continue reading Hope Gives a Eulogy is ON SALE!!

Birth in Times Like These

They said it would betoo scary to bringa babyinto this kind ofworld. As if someone's birthdayshouldn't happenbecause we think onlyin nightmares. As if the weightof our worryis their realityforever. As if we are thepiratesof all peaceand goodness. As if God ran outof His beautyand powerand kindnessand lovethe momentwe grew upto give birth to the childrenwe… Continue reading Birth in Times Like These