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The Great Gift of Parenthood

graduationI am able to see my parents this week and I am beyond thrilled to spend time with them! Their visit has had me thinking about one of the greatest gifts of parenthood which is also one of the greatest things that my parents have ever given me. And that great thing is this—-the freedom to be an adult. It always made me sad when I met girls that were in their twenties who still had their choices being controlled by their parents. Granted, maybe some of these girls lacked the fire to stand and choose and be an adult. But there was also a great pull of control by the parents. That really saddened me. It also made me realize how great a gift my parents had given me when they let me leave the home with wings that were all my own. I was 17 and able to make my own choices, choose my own path, and start my way to becoming a woman.

They never made me feel bad for leaving the home, they expressed their trust in me in the relationships I chose to have, they gave me the freedom to choose college or not. I chose not to do college and they supported me. They did not pressure me to come home for the holidays, but always loved it when I did. They did not meddle in how I spent my money, how I dated, or how I went about my work.  Continue reading “The Great Gift of Parenthood”