To Moms of Tiny Artists

Art in the Thick of It, Poem🎨💓 "I don't make art anymore." But I watched her for a day. November 2021 in the garden with my eldest, my firstborn, my boy!! She smiled at the morning and then paved a way. She made room for their messes, imaginations soar. She helped them make sense of… Continue reading To Moms of Tiny Artists

Mommy Is Human But Here (and other postpartum reflections)

Hey kids, I'm crying in the kitchen, but I love you. And I still want you in my life! Hey kids, I want to enjoy mothering, but I feel like a machine. Yes, I want to enjoy mothering, but I feel like a machine. both kids near, postpartum April 2022 And I want to go… Continue reading Mommy Is Human But Here (and other postpartum reflections)

Should You Become a Mother

to the mothers now and those who will be. . . Should you become a mother, yes you can give birth in happiness, with celebration though a generation asks why would you ever bring a child into this world? And you look at the world you're living in with a broken heart while your whole… Continue reading Should You Become a Mother

Son, I Don’t Want to Forget

It was magic. And poetry. Everything lovely. And though last year was wild in its change and surprises, this moment was so quiet and special. We were in our newly renovated home. It was evening and nearing your bedtime. I was in your room, not even half-finished in decor, but I made sure to have… Continue reading Son, I Don’t Want to Forget