Limping Wings// A Poem for Staying in Your Life

I had no idea I'd get a rose this big when my little garden began alongside my limping heart on Mother's Day 2018. It just took about four years to bloom this big, but less than that for me to lift my head and love the life I had. My encouragement to you is STAY.… Continue reading Limping Wings// A Poem for Staying in Your Life

Plant Your Feet in Chaos & Change

Garden Lullaby, March 24, 2020 I keep a little book filled with one line prayers, new thought patterns I want to instill, and personal motivation. Before Covid_19, I wrote something to the effect of "I will plant my feet in chaos and change." Even before this crisis, I was feeling as though life was upended… Continue reading Plant Your Feet in Chaos & Change

Son, I Don’t Want to Forget

It was magic. And poetry. Everything lovely. And though last year was wild in its change and surprises, this moment was so quiet and special. We were in our newly renovated home. It was evening and nearing your bedtime. I was in your room, not even half-finished in decor, but I made sure to have… Continue reading Son, I Don’t Want to Forget