If December Is Hard. . .

Grief doesn’t respect the holidays. Calendars can hold the best & worst of days.

For the many hurting this season. . . be it a due date, death of a friend, loss of dreams, or tragedies you never imagined you’d know, you are not forgotten, you are seen.❤


Season’s Greeting

the fifth poem in our fall collection, Ourselves and the Leaves.

Things we can’t ignore. . .

The current state of us and the reality of our world and how it all coincides. You’ve got to acknowledge what you’re sad about, what you hoped would happen, but didn’t & what you wish could be, but isn’t.

Sadness is a good place to start. It’s the place we have to start if we’re going to genuinely celebrate at all. ❤


But first, we boldly give sadness a place to sit next to us and we talk about its presence with each other and with God.

Life & Learning

Healing & Hope for Your Christmas

While I grabbed the ornaments out of our pantry, I couldn’t believe that Christmastime was already here. Already here! But I didn’t feel disappointment. While this year couldn’t have possibly gone more crazy or wild, it was life. And it was full. And it was covered everywhere by God.

Full of God not because I earnestly sought Him, but because I was forced to fall flat on my face and recognize Him. My heart was grossly independent and full of pride. With my face in the dirt during springtime, I found God as my Rest. I had to grow again…in little green sprouts. I had to let go of all my self-constructed walls and battle plans, and fall into the shadow of God’s wings.  Continue reading “Healing & Hope for Your Christmas”