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There’s More for You than Yourself

You are not what you can produce, perform, or portray. Maybe the insecurity and insignificance you feel right now is the best thing in your life. Why? Because it can push you to the best Place–the most satisfying Person of Jesus Christ.

But we live in a world that says you are the answer to your own problems.

Exhaustion weighs heavy even while we pride ourselves in being enough. We scream our anthems of being unique yet shrivel up inside . . .unsure if that’s actually true. We scream louder. Outer shells telling the story we wish we felt inside.


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I Wasn't Going to Post…{but I need you to know…}

(originally shared on Facebook)

I wish I knew how to say all this clearly!

But here goes…..


Part of me has felt like quitting! With all the blogs and FB pages shooting up everywhere, I have felt like killing my voice. Because I would hate it so much if you felt like my words were a constant barrage of fake fluff. And there’s a lot of fluff out there!

My heart is in the throes of change again, and I am not ready to quit sharing words yet. But I want you to know that this sharing space is not a place to puff myself up. I’d admit that I am selfish and vain…and sometimes I write for my own foolish pride, but I am willing to give up all of this if it ever becomes the idol of my life. And let me be honest, there have been seasons that this has been exactly that…an idol.

But my heart is changing, resolving ever more firmly to fix its gaze on God. I am excited to share myself with you. And I want you to know that I’m going to be honest and transparent, not so I can gain your affirmation and praise, but so that we can encourage each other to keep on fighting and living for God. The Christian life is FAR, FAR, FAR from easy! And I want this place to be a gathering together of encouragement and joy in the Lord.

There are so many loud voices out there…. literally everywhere. I am overwhelmed and want to shrink back and delete my own…but for right now…I don’ think that’s the right answer. If there ever comes a time when I believe God wants me to delete my blog and get rid of my FB page, I’m going to do it and I won’t look back. But I am not sure that now is that time.

My heart is returning…again…to my God who makes it whole. I am determined to be transparent with you, not to make much about my problems…. but to make much about our God!

My desire is that you feel just as much a part of this Down Cottonwood Lane community as I do. I want you to be safe here, to be challenged, to be encouraged, and to get a breath of fresh air from the loud chaos around us! I sincerely want to write for the benefit of your heart…and for the worship of our God. I cannot convince you that this is honest vulnerability, but I hope there comes a time when you don’t have to be convinced.

May we share this life, lift our hearts in praise to God—and if need be, hold them steady for each other. That’s my hope for all of this!

So, I am determined not to kill my voice, as long as my voice is dedicated to God. And I need you to know that this evening.

I love having you here! 

Thank you for taking your time to be here. 

Love, Sierra 

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Open and Spilled Out

I open my hands. Expecting. But my heart is closed, the distractions pulling me. Yanking me for attention. And I give it to them. Willingly. Gladly. Blindly. I close my hands, my heart now jammed shut. I turn my back and seek the affirmation, the comfort of public praise.

It doesn’t come. I turn again and open my hands. I cry, the distractions pulling me. Give in? Yes, because this time the comfort of empty affirmation will come. It doesn’t feel empty though. It feels wholesome, nutritious, as though I need it. To be happy. And maybe it has even come to that.

I give in again, my hands balled in fists, my heart sinking lower beneath the noise—bolted. I seek and scrounge for the praise, the confirmation. Why do they not care? Where is the affirmation?

I am dizzy, but I turn again. Open my hands. Expecting. Though, my heart is closed. “GOD! WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS?!”

Blind-sided. Because darts and lies are attacking me, the ones I did not expect–but ones I should have known were coming. Open hands, a closed heart? Ears turned to the crowd and not the Lord? Of course, the pull would be stronger than I.

“GOD! This has never been a struggle before! Why am I so weak?” But I don’t listen to His prompting, the distractions are too loud, the desire for affirmation–empty though it may be—is wrapped tight around me. The potential affirmation is deafening. I am turning. Turning. Toward God, then my back to Him. Toward God, than my back to Him. Toward. Back. Open hands, closed heart. Deaf ears, busy mind.
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How to Survive the Onslaught of Modesty Articles

sierrab-52I have purposefully stayed away from writing about modesty for quite awhile now. Even so, this post will NOT be written about modesty. It will be written to let girls know how to survive this mad onslaught of modesty articles that hit our Newsfeed seemingly every day. This is for the young women who need advice on how to get through this whole obsession with modesty.

I have become greatly frustrated with blog posts about modesty, because just about every single one that I read has pounded me further into the ground. It goes something like this.

First Sentence: You are a woman, and it is a truly beautiful thing.

Second Sentence: POUND! You are dressing wrong. You are living wrong! What are your motives? HUH? HUH?

Third Sentence: POUND POUND POUND! You need to do more of this. And less of this!

And by the last sentence of the entire blog post you are ready to blow something into the sky, because they didn’t really help you. They judged you. Picked apart your motives that must be vile, and then broadcasted the insecurities that you must have because after all…you are a woman. Continue reading “How to Survive the Onslaught of Modesty Articles”