Hope Gives a Eulogy is OUT NOW!

IT'S OFFICIALLY HERE!! When I said Hope Gives a Eulogy would be out in April, I meant early April. Like today April! So here's a little backstory that makes this release month so special. . . I'd been suffering infertility a good while before April 2018, but that particular month was a tidal wave of… Continue reading Hope Gives a Eulogy is OUT NOW!

Why Hope Gives a Eulogy Will *Not* Have Page Numbers

Two things I specifically didn't want in Hope Gives a Eulogy + WHY. . . 1) Page numbers2)Table of Contents Here's why: -page numbers would distract from the poetry and I want you to move through the story in the same way I did. I didn't have an idea of a timeline. Page numbers give… Continue reading Why Hope Gives a Eulogy Will *Not* Have Page Numbers