There’s More for You than Yourself

You are not what you can produce, perform, or portray. Maybe the insecurity and insignificance you feel right now is the best thing in your life. Why? Because it can push you to the best Place–the most satisfying Person of Jesus Christ.

But we live in a world that says you are the answer to your own problems.

Exhaustion weighs heavy even while we pride ourselves in being enough. We scream our anthems of being unique yet shrivel up inside . . .unsure if that’s actually true. We scream louder. Outer shells telling the story we wish we felt inside.


Let your outer shell break.The real story is revealed when your world falls apart.

Instead of reaching for more or striving to feel enough. . .give the hard things space to exist and acknowledge the discomfort of living in this broken world.

Don’t run away from the emotions, the “less than” feelings, or the pain. . .choose to RUN TO GOD and pour all your chaos at His feet! You are not meant to carry your own chaos. You are meant for pouring out to God, for casting all on God, for experiencing true peace, clarity, and comfort in God.

(And by the way, God loves this offering of pouring out your chaotic heart to Him. It means you are trusting and resting in Him with all of who you are and all of what you feel!)

The hard things can lead you to deep healing in God. The discomfort in your life can transform into songs of hope. Let God do His inside out and upside down work in your life.

You are not enough for you. You can’t be the answer to your own dissatisfaction. You can’t become who you want to be on your own. Your insecurities won’t go away because you scream to them about your uniqueness

But with God?

Not being enough is no longer scary. . . it’s an imitate point of fellowship with your God as you rest in who He is and who He says you are!

There’s no pressure for you to be the answer. Your answer is God. And God satisfies.

Your insecurities become a bridge to the God who made you unique and who will give you the courage and wisdom to fully live out the unique person-hood He’s given to you.

Instead of reaching, striving, producing, performing, or portraying. . .just pursue the heart of God. True confidence and purposeful action will follow.

So here’s my question for you–

Why settle for yourself? Why are you trying to become the answer for all your own insecurities? There’s so much more for you. There’s more for you than yourself!

And there’s freedom in not being enough.

You’ll soon see that the end of yourself is the best place to begin and the beginning of the best.

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