Birth in Times Like These

They said it would betoo scary to bringa babyinto this kind ofworld. As if someone's birthdayshouldn't happenbecause we think onlyin nightmares. As if the weightof our worryis their realityforever. As if we are thepiratesof all peaceand goodness. As if God ran outof His beautyand powerand kindnessand lovethe momentwe grew upto give birth to the childrenwe… Continue reading Birth in Times Like These

To New Moms Giving Birth This Summer

I'm so exicited for you. Your birth is going to beautiful. And if it isn't. . .if the trauma pulsates beyond the birth, there will be healing for that. And that journey alongside God will be intimate and, yes, even beautiful in surprising ways. You don't have to be afraid. I am so excited for… Continue reading To New Moms Giving Birth This Summer