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A Should-Be-Easy Job & Those Four Kids

I walk into work every day and it’s like a minefield of mistakes waiting to blow up in my face. The question is where……when….and how bad will this mistake be?!ย I am discovering that whiteout doesn’t fix all my problems and wishing that the little plastic bottle would just come to my aid and magically abra-cadabra my mistakes away. But then, I wouldn’t really want that…because even I have to laugh at myself! Last week, I graded papers wrong, and locked my keys in the classroom.

This week…

This week…

Wait for it…

This week…I found myself at a printer. A wonderful, should-be-easy printer…HA. I am punching keys over and over again and totally missing the one or maybe two things that I need to press in order to print one copy of each Spelling test IV. Beep. Wrong. Beep. Wrong. Beep. WRONG AGAIN. I’m so looking forward to the moment that I can check this little should-be-easy job off my school checklist. Beep. Beep. Beep. Definitely not that button.ย  Continue reading “A Should-Be-Easy Job & Those Four Kids”

Life & Learning

3 Minutes

I have 3 minutes to write. I vowed (or practically vowed) to go to bed at 11:30 pm. Yet, here I am….writing with 2 minutes to go. I have been thinking a lot about life and death. When a pastor from San Diego dies suddenly of a heat attack, you think.

When a popular star commits suicide, you consider.

When you have loved ones and countless people you care for, you worry.

And my 3 minutes is over.

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