Telling My Daughter’s Birth Story

July 2021. The surprise of my life came again with two pink lines. Pregnant! And so soon! A day after we found out, my midwife texted me out of the blue. It was such fun timing. Soon after I texted back and told her we had just found out we were pregnant. We'd only known… Continue reading Telling My Daughter’s Birth Story

To New Moms Giving Birth This Summer

I'm so exicited for you. Your birth is going to beautiful. And if it isn't. . .if the trauma pulsates beyond the birth, there will be healing for that. And that journey alongside God will be intimate and, yes, even beautiful in surprising ways. You don't have to be afraid. I am so excited for… Continue reading To New Moms Giving Birth This Summer

Telling My Son’s Birth Story

On August 2nd, I gave birth to our son, Shasta. The entire experience was so beautiful and filled with healing. My body--with a decade of pain, grief, and struggling--was invited into something wonderful and breathtaking. This body--the one I've wrestled with and grieved for--became a vessel for giving birth to a living, breathing soul. Giving… Continue reading Telling My Son’s Birth Story