Plant Your Feet in Chaos & Change

Garden Lullaby, March 24, 2020

I keep a little book filled with one line prayers, new thought patterns I want to instill, and personal motivation. Before Covid_19, I wrote something to the effect of “I will plant my feet in chaos and change.” Even before this crisis, I was feeling as though life was upended and transitionary. It felt unstable…not in bad ways, but in ways that came with new needs & unknowns. It’s that place of being in the unsettled middle. You can’t go backward and you love going forward, but forward looks like nothing you’ve known before. . .

So I resolved to plant my feet.

Put my rosebush in the ground.

Settle into life.

Be right where I was.

Then all the worldwide chaos entered! And yet, my personal resolve withstands: I will plant my feet in chaos and change.

I’m going to plant a garden. I’m going to tend to my home. I’m going to dream. I’m going to envision plans. I’m going to work hard and well. I’m going to prepare for our baby. I’m going to feed treats to the goats and organize our bright yellow shed and carry on. And it IS chaotic. But we’re right here. This is real. This is our place for life, for living. This is the time to plant ourselves again. This is precisely when we carry on.

Lest I Forget, poem

Birth in Times Like These, poem

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