I Am Not a Mom, But I Am a Part of God’s Work

Garden Lullaby, May 24, 2019

Psalm 104.

I love this passage all about how God cares for the nature & the animals He brings to life + sustains. It’s such a beautiful part of God’s character!💛 I love being a part of His work both with flowers and these hilariously affectionate goats.

It’s rarely talked about, but I love that we reflect God’s image when we nurture the animal & plant life He’s created all around us. God not only gives us the responsibility to be part of His creation-work, but He DESIRES us to be a part of this work (wow, wow, wow!). So there we were welcoming one stalky buckling in the field on May 22nd. We named him Maverick or as we like to say, Little Mav.

Your Most Important Work

About this Garden Lullaby series

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