Your Most Important Work Happens Today

Today, you woke up. And maybe it’s an ordinary day, but it’s also the only day you’re living in. You don’t get to live in yesterday, and you don’t get to live in tomorrow.

And here’s the thing,

The most important work you can possibly do is already in front of you today. You can’t work in the past and you can’t work in the future. Everything in your life today is your most important work.

And let me tell you why.

By God’s grace + strength, it’s the only work you’re able to accomplish right now!

God desires you to live out today (however it looks!) in Him, for Him, and with Him.  Your important life work sits here in the hour before you. You just have to step into it. And yes, you can boldly embrace the work in front of you because that is what God has for you today.

Let’s put it simply–

The work you are able to do for God right now is the most important work you can possibly do.

What a freeing thought!  Each and every woman can fulfill deep purpose as she accomplishes the God-given work she is called to today.

This work may look like college, motherhood, marriage, business, or all of them combined. This work may look small, trivial, mundane, big, pressing, exciting, or a little bit of everything. But it doesn’t actually matter how society has ranked your place in life, because today-work will always be your most important work. It’s the work God has given you. It’s the work of the present. It’s the only work you can actually do right now.

Let me remind you that–

You will always be the work of God’s hands, and in every season you can do God’s work! But the only way you’ll have the courage and passion to respond to God’s love with your life is if you pursue a relationship with Him.

Pursuing your relationship with God is the most pivotal thing you can do in this season. It is here you will become BOLD and WILLING to embrace all you are called to today (Philippians 2:13). It is here you will experience the joy and pleasure of knowing and serving God. It is here you will know true freedom from society and your own expectations. It is here you will rest and delight in God as you begin to realize just how much He delights in you.

It is only in your relationship with God that you begin to know life and are able to respond to God with your life.

Wife. Mother. Single. Businesswoman. Student. Celebrating. Struggling. Waiting. Hoping. It doesn’t really matter. . . just live out today in God, for God, and with God. Step into this place. Pursue God here. Go forward confidently. Embrace the work of today. Anticipate the joy of genuinely living for God wherever you happen to be in life.

You’re a purposeful woman of God. Don’t be afraid of the tasks before you. Don’t be ashamed of the season you’re in. Don’t be daydreaming for something else. Today is what you have. Right here is your life. And today holds your most important work, because it’s the only work you can possibly offer up to God right now.

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