What If I Wasn’t Meant for More?

This year, my husband and I planted several varieties of sunflowers. The first to bloom was orange and on fire. The second was giant and beautiful yellow. And the third? Well I’m not sure how long it took me to notice. It’s shorter than the others, far more simple, easily lost in the vibrancy and height of the ones “ahead” of it.

So, this poem came about after my delightful discovery of the shorter, simpler sunflower.


You Don’t Need to Be a Star

Life can be so surprising in the best of ways. Those dreams we had as kids don’t have to come true in the way we thought they would. So, the brave thing is living instead of wishing. Each day, we have the option to say YES to the life we’ve been given .

In saying yes, we move into it, build onto it, and have the courage to just go for it.