W O R D * H E R O

Flying across the keys. This, this post would go far & wide. This would reach people, change lives, and finally get people moving. And at last, the title Word Hero would be assigned. To me. The string of miscellaneous letters would push together and produce a tasteful, important post. This would gain the desired response… Continue reading W O R D * H E R O

so-called BEAUTY

~written two years ago~   Uncomfortable. This is the feeling that I get when reading Christian articles about beauty. Because somehow, and in some way, the article is pointed straight back to me concerning my beauty, and how I'm one of a kind. How I shouldn't let media paint my picture. These articles seem to… Continue reading so-called BEAUTY

My Story | Engagement

Meet Sierra...oh wait, you already have! 1. Did you enjoy making wedding plans? And which month was the absolute bear of the whole experience & why? I did enjoy making wedding plans. I'm a list type of person, so it felt nice to write things down, then check them off accordingly. Although, near the end...I… Continue reading My Story | Engagement