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Valentine’s Day Is Like Coffee

Shall I explain?

Let’s face it, coffee is a social trend.

And there are two groups of people:

Those who love it, because they just do. They love it. They love the taste of it. They always have! They love to sit around and have conversations with friends while they drink it. They love the photos of coffee on social media, because it makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside. There are even some who love it more, because everyone else likes it too! Why should they go against it? So what if it’s a social trend?! They love it anyway!


And then, there are— Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Is Like Coffee”

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5 Things Girls Should Know about Being Engaged

Here is my equivalent of a Valentines Day post. It’s much more practical than the mushy post that you probably already saw on your News feed today. For now, it’s just some practical & quite humorous thoughts on being engaged.


1. It’s really not cutesy & magical.

Yeah, I’m watching all of your dreams burn to the ground (OK, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration). But the truth is, you and your man are actually just the same people in the same life. While frilly, fluffy, lovey dovey excitement is unavoidable…it’s not there 24/7. Trust me. Also, those cutesy pictures that engaged girls seem to post all the time….


“I said yes to the dress!”


“Flowers from my hubby-to-be, cause we are in the double digits!”Β 

WELL…there is absolutely nothing wrong with excitement. SNAP, I’m thrilled to be getting married soon, but there is actually just a lot of hard work that goes into those statues and pictures. Girls have a way of arranging things to look just so & engaged girls can often make it look really cute, even if the process was not at all cute. Continue reading “5 Things Girls Should Know about Being Engaged”