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Let's Talk Life

I don’t need to be reminded often, but some days I get slapped in the face with the truth that I DON’T HAVE IT ALTOGETHER! Raise your hand if you have problems. I’m raising both! That’s how many problems I have! Man, I just don’t have it altogether. I’m a young woman, wife, and friend.

Let me tell you something that’s as plain as day!

I make mistakes in ALL those areas.

I am continually thankful for God’s grace. Not the Pinterest-y feeling you get when you read about grace on a  blog. . I mean, I am so thankful for God’s overwhelming grace in my life. I’m so thankful that I can talk to Him & seek His Rest in times of change and difficulties.

the first dusting of snow experienced at our blue house!

I am so thankful for people who are honest with me. I’m so thankful for a husband who is patient. I’m so thankful to work with kiddos who love me no matter what! Life isn’t perfect, and I’ve got a non-aesthetic Instagram to PROVE IT! HA!

While life isn’t perfect, it’s life nonetheless which makes it simply beautiful. The last two months have been full of priceless moments. I can’t even remember most of them, but I know I lived them and that’s enough for me.

buying new stain-hiding carpet!
happiness = new stain-hiding carpet!

And I just wanted to share a few things from my January & February heart: Continue reading “Let's Talk Life”