Let's Talk Life

I don’t need to be reminded often, but some days I get slapped in the face with the truth that I DON’T HAVE IT ALTOGETHER! Raise your hand if you have problems. I’m raising both! That’s how many problems I have! Man, I just don’t have it altogether. I’m a young woman, wife, and friend.

Let me tell you something that’s as plain as day!

I make mistakes in ALL those areas.

I am continually thankful for God’s grace. Not the Pinterest-y feeling you get when you read about grace on a  blog. . I mean, I am so thankful for God’s overwhelming grace in my life. I’m so thankful that I can talk to Him & seek His Rest in times of change and difficulties.

the first dusting of snow experienced at our blue house!

I am so thankful for people who are honest with me. I’m so thankful for a husband who is patient. I’m so thankful to work with kiddos who love me no matter what! Life isn’t perfect, and I’ve got a non-aesthetic Instagram to PROVE IT! HA!

While life isn’t perfect, it’s life nonetheless which makes it simply beautiful. The last two months have been full of priceless moments. I can’t even remember most of them, but I know I lived them and that’s enough for me.

buying new stain-hiding carpet!
happiness = new stain-hiding carpet!

And I just wanted to share a few things from my January & February heart:

1. Experiencing change is one thing that won’t ever change. 

Life seasons change all the time. One day, I was driving down the road and thinking to myself how life was so lovely! A couple days later, everything changed! Suddenly, I was thrown into change….again.  I wasn’t ready for it! I’ve adjusted now, so I’m back to driving down the road and thinking how life is so lovely.

But unexpectedly, change will come. This is one thing in life that doesn’t change! And I’m OK with that!

2. Crying out to God brings comfort.

Not every bit of the last two months has been one cheery basket of flowers and pie. There have been downright hard things for me personally. But crying out to God in love, in need of comfort, in dependence brings a beautiful REST that can not be found anywhere else. I am learning to release my heart, and find rest in His best for me. Crying out to God can be a beautifully raw form of worship.

the morning snow from our bedroom window!

3. I am horrible at judging the motives of others. 

If there was an award that could be handed out for “Worst Motive Judge Ever”, I would be a winner! People’s hearts hold so much more than I can see, understand, or know. I need to let people be people, and make sure that my heart is right with God & filled with His love.

this is a photo of me at work from a kiddo's perspective.
this is a photo of me at work from a kiddo’s perspective.

4.  Betha Bee represents a turning point in my life. 

A high school friend of mine asked what made me take a “somewhat different direction” on my blog. Through her question, I realized that this project truly represents a turning point in my life. It represents my letting go of chronic pain. It represents my desire to laugh and find joy in life. It represents my resolve to do things that scare me and learn things I’m not good at! This (un)story of mine feels a little bit like breaking free and learning to run again!

my birthday picnic! complete with sunshine & a husband!
my birthday picnic! complete with sunshine & a husband!

5. Genuinely connecting with people is SO important!

Whether it’s going to church and meeting new people (I met 3 people last week!….progress!), entertaining guests in my little blue home, messaging new friends, and caring for the old ones….I’ve got to connect with people! I’ve got to choose to take the numerous opportunities I have and genuinely love people. I’ve got to love people for the cause of Christ. I’ve been learning to open my arms wide and say WELCOME, you’re more than worth the risk!

our belated #ValentinesDay date!

So, there you have bits of my life in photos and words! It’s been such a ride these last 2 months. And folks,  March just gets crazier. But I’m finding my Rest in God. I’m learning to ONLY hope in Him, and I’m giving all my dreams back to Him while trusting that God will give what’s best and nothing more, nothing less!

Doesn’t March feel like the New Year all over again?

Happy Marching into March New Year!

Talk to you soon (or Betha Bee will!).

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#livingdangerously 🙂

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