You Don’t Need to Be a Star

Life can be so surprising in the best of ways. Those dreams we had as kids don’t have to come true in the way we thought they would. So, the brave thing is living instead of wishing. Each day, we have the option to say YES to the life we’ve been given .

In saying yes, we move into it, build onto it, and have the courage to just go for it.


Announcing July’s Poetry Theme!

July’s poetry theme is R E S E T! There was a wide range of topics that spoke to you, so how do I combine restoration, rejoicing, and renewal with sunflowers and feeling shy when growing up? I actually don’t think it’s as hard as it first seems. I’ll be writing through the lens of flowers and personalities + lacing things together with truth.

I believe this month is going to be artistic and beautiful in a special sort of way.

We will put words to our dreams, fears, goals, hopes & work through the insecurities of growth as we ultimately choose to stay brave and continue resetting, getting back up, and beginning again.