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7 Tips for a Meaningful Holiday Season

You want a good holiday season. But you’re a human holding tough things. So how can you–and all of us–enjoy the holidays? Here’s 7 practical tips I believe will help all of us live the holidays fully and without regret.

1. Create boundaries.

When I say create boundaries, I mean it. Create them everywhere and be ruthless. Social media, entertainment, how you spend your evenings, your morning routine, all the things you can think of that need intentional care. We should always have boundaries in our lives, but during the holidays it’s good to reevaluate and adjust where needed. Create boundaries that clear clutter out of your mind and help you more easily choose the valuable ways to finish your year well. Without extra noise, you will have the capacity to slow down and savor your life as it is today, and this makes your holidays much more meaningful. Continue reading “7 Tips for a Meaningful Holiday Season”

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Come as You Are to the Table

Hearts full of life, heavy with grief… these fearful, crippled aching bodies that could be whole if only–

arms were spread wide open and weary eyes looked up! Our dark, cracked table is adorned with silence, and all that lies on top are scattered eggshells that we’re all told should never have to break.

The table lies dark because we’re all hiding, all afraid, all ashamed, or all just aching tired. Scrape away the egg-shells scattered at your place, because if you want to be whole, then you’re going to have to break. Don’t be gentle. Don’t be soft. Abandon what you hide behind and– Continue reading “Come as You Are to the Table”