When They Call You Pretty

It may sound a little crazy but it feels like there's this idea floating around that beauty = ugly, or beauty = bad, or even, beauty = a vain woman. But I disagree. Beauty may be vain in that it doesn't last and isn't the end-all/be-all, but a beautiful woman is not automatically vain (or… Continue reading When They Call You Pretty

I’m Going to Be Here Too

Garden Lullaby, April 15, 2020 SO VERY WOW!! I love that flowers have taught me how to anticipate life. It's exciting to see the buds and watch them slowly expand. And it's thrilling to look and suddenly see a flower in all its glory! I would go so far as to say it's the 8th… Continue reading I’m Going to Be Here Too

Picture of Life in a Broken, Grieving Woman

Garden Lullaby, April 3, 2020 WE FINALLY HAVE A GARDEN! photo of our garden late summer 2020 // we brought our firstborn home to zinnias, sunflowers, rose bushes, and more! what life! The tiny porch garden spread to the side of the house then spilled farther over into a rose bed which gave way to… Continue reading Picture of Life in a Broken, Grieving Woman

Our First (Hilarious) Garden Box

Garden Lullaby, March 26, 2020 I have not laughed so hard or long in awhile! My chest began to ache! For Christmas, my husband bought me "Raised-Bed Gardening for Beginners." Well, we proved there needed to be a prequel. Ben's idea of "let's look at the book" meant flipping quickly through the pages for less… Continue reading Our First (Hilarious) Garden Box