Garden Lullaby, November 9, 2018

R A D I A N T 

I have waited and prayed for this. Looks nothing like I thought it would. I expected lots of green growth before any kind of bloom. But here we are in the middle of unmet expectations. Small. Beautiful. Radiant.

I think this is what my soul looks like when joy and grief crash into one another and then learn to coexist. There is an abundance of good gifts and a deep measure of pain. I can greet both at the same time. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. I can praise God and feel broken. I can laugh hard while sitting with sorrow. I can celebrate life and what it means to live and embrace loss and what it means to lose.

God gives us courage and comfort to be like this marigold…to meet joy & grief head on. To bask in the sunlight and shadows of unmet expectations and say, “This is hard, but this is beautiful too.”


about this series Garden Lullaby

for a good laugh

Mirage, poem from Hope Gives a Eulogy


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